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Principal's Message


Winter 2017


Dear Atherwood Families:


I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a great 2018.  I want to remind everyone to be patient and extra cautious when driving around our campus.  Wet weather is expected the next few months. With everyone taking their time, and putting safety first, we will ensure that all students arrive and are picked up in an orderly and safe manner.

We have been teaching our students The 7 Habits of Happy Kids since the beginning of the school year. The PTA was generous enough last year to gift the school some money to purchase workbooks and participate in some training regarding the Leader in Me program. Our ultimate goal is to become a Leader in Me school. 


This month at our December All-Star assembly we recognized students that are demonstrating Habit 3: Putting First Things First.


Not only does this habit focus on working first, playing later but it's also about organization. Everything has a place.  For example, it's easier to find our shoes in the morning if we always put them in the same place.  


Let's make a goal, especially with the New Year approaching, to teaching our kids to be better organized.


Please make sure you have discussed with your son/daughter issues such as when and where homework will be done, your own expectations for their education and even setting goals for the school year.   Students do best when rules are in place and expectations are followed, that of course always starts at home.  If you were to ever have any questions about how to make sure your child is working up to their potential do not hesitate to contact their teacher or myself. 


It is great to see so many parents able and willing to volunteer their time at school.  Students benefit from positive interactions from teachers and volunteers.  On behalf of the entire staff, thank you to all the parent volunteers who give so much of their time to our students.  If you are not sure how you can help or think you may not have the time, please speak with your child’s teacher as there are many creative ways we can put our parents to work which benefits the entire classroom.


Our PTA is always looking for volunteers.  Please stop by the school office and leave your name and phone number if you are willing to assist.  We will be sure to get that information to the right chairperson of specific upcoming events.


Thank you,

Sean D. Platt